naan, sesame, sweet peppers, olive oil

Steak Tartare*

spicy mayo, corn tortilla, avocado, green onion

Halloumi Cheese

tim’s tomatoes, hot hungarian pepper, cucumber,
vinaigrette, garlic chive


Smoked jalapeno, tasso ham, summer squash, muhammara

Twice Cooked Egg*

werp farms greens, farm egg, brussels sprouts, salty cheese, warm shallot vinaigrette

Green Beans

Romesco, garlic, puffed brown rice, duck skin

Merguez Lamb Sausage

yogurt, mint, hazelnut, ground cherry

Spare Ribs

Raw potato salad, wakame, togarashi, citrus, soy

Thai Fish Curry

barramundi, shrimp, coconut, basil, mushroom


cornbread, chorizo, sweet peppers, michigan sweetcorn, tomato, cream, garlic chive

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